Barrelback by Ron Hoag

2 February 2008

Barrelback frames

Battens on the bottom say it all, If the frames aren't right,'ll know it! Fortunately, I had only minor adjustments here and there,... and there and... there... and there...

Barrelback classic mahogany runabout

Battens now complete, but before fairing I had to do some adjusting. I will show you these in the next photos. Now, I must remind myself on the advice that I read from one of the Glen-L books, "you will make mistakes... when you do FIX THEM!"

Batten shim, This is not really a mistake... I keep telling myself. This shim is placed on top of the batten and extends from the stem to the 7th frame. This is a double help, it also adds strength and allows me to set a more acceptable angle for fairing.

Batten Shim top. Again, this is not a mistake.....but I had to place a shim on the top as well.

Transom AFT side. NOW, that's my Pista de Résistance.... or is it Pizza... THE TRANSOM AFT, I was afraid this could turn out bad, but it didn't. I used a variety of tools but the power planer was the one!!

Now, I'm ready for fairing, look at my determined face...