Sept. 24, 1999

To: Glen, Gayle, & Barry
Subject: Bo-Jest

Enclosed find a few pictures of my latest "Glen-L" project. The notes on the back are kind of a story book of progress, success & problems.

A little history with Glen-L: My first was the Pee Wee in 1970, I still have it. Started the Escapade, never finished it, too much boat, too little money. Then (3) Eight Balls, the Sweet Caroline, and now the Bo-Jest.

You can't believe the number of calls I receive about the Caroline and Bo-Jest; both phone and internet.

It's fun, I'm retired, I think I enjoy building more than boating. I'm a snow bird now, in fact, I'm the bearded guy that stopped by your place on Monday 9/20(99).

Thanks for all the boat building projects I've done over the last 30 years.

Bob Ellis

Build your own boat

Photo 1
This is my 1" = 1' model. I have done this every time to make sure I understand your plans and instructions.
(The background is Camano Is. I live on Whidbey Is., about 30 miles and a ferry ride from Seattle.)

Build your own boat

Had a tough time with the chine logs. If I built again, I would laminate the chine like the sheer.

Build your own boat

The point I'm making here is: I'm using 8' plywood sheets rather than the 10' called for. After the framing had been faired, the contour looked just as good at 8' as at 10'.

(We would also use 4x8 as longer sheets are getting more difficult to come by. This means an extra butt joint but not a problem. brw)