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VIGILANT / Haji Kamal / Terengganu, Malaysia / / 7-30-02: Received Videos, Books (Boatbuilding with Plywood, How To Fiberglass Boats and Inboard motor Installations), Transfer Papers and Vigilant (Plywood) Plans & Patterns. 8-7-02: Sent e-Mails and making telephone calls to local Lumber Yards to negotiate the price and to establish Estimated Time of Arrival at my worksite. 8-12-02: Pay a visit at one of Lumber Yard, confirm order. Purchased a Log with 56" overall diameter, cut to sizes and quantities as required (given extra allowance of 1/8" for Widths and Thickness). 8-15-02: Arranging Checklist & Work Schedule. Built up 60' L x 30' W x 28' Height Work Shelter & AC connections. 9-15-02: Constructed building form for Vigilant using 2" x 6" lumber. Made a first pre-cut for sixteen Frames, Stem (4" x 16" lumber laminated with 3/4" Marine Plywood= 5 1/2") and Transom. Joining 2" x 5" Chine logs and 1" x 3" x 3 layers of Sheer Clamp. Hung all Chine Logs, Sheer Clamps together with 2" x 12" x 2 layers of Keel lumber on the top of scaffolding. Clamped longitudinals to scaffolding with C-Clamps hung a basket at the other end. Every week putting an extra weight into the hanging basket, the purpose is to curve the Chine Logs, Shear Clamps and Keel in the slow and steady manner.
10-3-02: Pre-saturated all the Frames to avoid extreme Tropical weather. Monsoon Season will be arrive soon. Glued Frame Gussets and Fillers with Poxy-Grip and screwed and bolted in place. 1-21-03: All Sixteen Frames with 3" thick Floor Timber, Stem and Transom located on the Set Up as per GLEN-L Blueprint. Precaution given to the Frame # 7 to 12 which located the CB of the boat. Keel, Chine Logs and Sheer Clamps installed on the Frames without any problems encountered. 2-9-03: Installation of Bottom and Side Battens is on progress, hopefully by end of March 2003 the first Marine Plywood for Bottom Planking will be put in place after Fairing process is over.