Customer Service

As I stated in my e-mail 7-4-04, I built Swish in 1958. Plans came from Popular Mechanics from whom I received a "Golden Hammer" award. I'm sorry to say that I sold it about 15 years ago as it was still in great shape. You requested pictures and I enclose two, one in black and white, which has the date on the side, Sep. 59. Notice the engine. It was a Firestone 38 HP, also notice the "fins" on the engine cowl, that did a good job until a couple years later when I put a 50 HP Johnson on her that was able to pull five skiers up and out of the water.

The second picture shows the 50 horse Johnson and Swish on Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. Paint color layout as shown in the plans. It took me about a year to build her and followed Popular Mechanics plans to the letter. Fibreglass covers the bottom to about halfway up the sides, the entire motor well, rear deck and fins are also glassed. The frame members are all sitka spruce. I've owned many boats since Swish, but not one did we enjoy more than Swish. She was steady, safe and maneuverable. Countless friends and relatives learned to ski behind her and she remains a special place in my memory.

I got the urge a few years after building Swish to do a "Cat" from your plans but never did. l have a catalog of Glen-L boat plans here as I type this letter, copyright 1964, price marked, 50 cents.

Kindest regards,
Leo Maack
Collinsville, IL