Glen-L 12 by Brad Eisold and Patrick Hughes

23 May 2007

Hi there I just wanted to send in a few pictures of the Glen-L 12 "Sea Rose" that I'm building I started the build on May 18 2007 (Last Friday). These pictures were taken today (May 23 2007). I am living in Mazatlan, Mexico and am using the local pine, which is excellent and much better than any of the pine I've seen in the states in a long time. The Captain (Patrick Hughes), of the 82' schooner (Patricia Belle) I crew on and myself, are building the "Sea Rose". Patrick has built many boats including the 82' schooner "Patricia Belle". As for me, it is my first build, needless to say it is extremely helpful to have him as a building partner. I will send in more photos when we are completed. Should be done in a another week or so. It has been so much fun building the Glen-L 12 "Sea Rose".


1 June 2007