Imp by Tom Schultz

14 December 2007

Here is my picture of my IMP. I named it "Cold One" for a couple reasons. The obvious reason is because I can always go for a "Cold One' and the second reason is because I started this project in February in Connecticut, and it was a cold day.
The boat is built from mahogany and marine plywood, just as it called for in the plans. Pretty much the only thing that I did different from the plan, was to cut a design in the transom, just to add some curve to it.
The hull is fiberglassed and epoxied, with clear epoxy on the inside. The paint is Interlux Brightside, which I sprayed.

Feb-10-2007. Cold day in Connecticut approx. 15 F degrees. My workshop has a small wood stove that really needed to work hard to get to a comfortable temperature. Built forms 1 & 2, cut out transom, and glued screwed knee and stem.
Feb-11-2007 Attached main board to concrete floor.
Cut out knee and stem.
Cut out and glued transom frame.
Feb-17-2007. Bolted knee to transom. Bolted keel to knee and stem and aligned forms. Cut chine pieces.Took a shot at bending the chine, but snapped 3 pieces. The mahogany is frozen solid, so I'm sure that's not helping.

Feb-17-2007 Started the day at 22 F degrees. Built a steamer from a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe and some pieces I picked up at the home store. Steamed the chine pieces for about 2 hours, and installed them. Mahogany bends much better when its warm.

March-3-2007 Cut battens and faired the chine. Block plane and belt sander made quick work of it. Layed out port side planking and installed. The job went relatively easy.

March-4-2007 Layed out starboard side planking and installed.