Riviera by Charles Smith

March 16, 2008

I am just starting on Riviera. Got the design and frame patterns in Feb. I have some of the frames built and am building the building form.

I am having a great deal of fun with this project.

Actually I am not building all of the Riviera....only half of it. I am building a bar for my den. I am making several alterations as I go to facilitate the bar. However, this is also serving as a dry run for the real thing.

It is making me appreciate those who really build one of your great designs. I will send photos when done.

Chuck Smith

July 15, 2009 Update

Finished it last Christmas. What a great fun project!

I have a Chris-Craft boat (a 1965 Capri) and have had several of them. You can see in the photos that I put Chris-Craft logos on your design (sorry!).

You folks at Glen-L did a great job with the Riviera plans. This was my first attempt at building anything resembling a boat. Your "Boatbuilding with Plywood" book was priceless.

My bar is a great place to sit and enjoy a boat with friends, even in the winter. It's also a great conversation piece.