Roustabout by Barry Dillon, Dublin, Ireland

November 4, 2008

I built Roustabout over the winters of 1994-1998. These pictures show the engine bearers fitted on frame attached to floor. Boat frames and keel then secured to engine bearers (horizontal beams).

These pictures show Roustabout with the gunwhales attached to the frames and the plywood skin being applied.

Boat being turned over with a little help from Dad and ropes to roof.

Boat on trailer note extensions to side of hole which help hide the outdrive.

These photos show boat with birch lined plywood on deck. Note Garrod seats fitted.

Note also the extensions to hide the outdrive. They provide about 300lbs of lift so half the weight of the engine in the event of holing the boat.

Picture of decks and seats. Fitted two batteries under rear seats but should have pushed them further forward as the boat is tail heavy even with extra bouyancy from the pontoons added for getting in and out of water and to hide the stern drive. Next plan is to move batteries further forward.

The boat moving. Does about 35mph according to GPS using 3.0 Litre Yamaha stern drive.