Tubby Tug by Doug Wade, Toronto, Canada

9 May 2010

First time on the water

This photo is taken in my "boat shed" garage with grand daughter and son. The reflection is caused by the removable plexiglass windows on the boat.

Under one seat is a battery through hull fitting and a 12V "pony pump" for the fire monitor on the bow. Rather than attempting to seal the pass through for the wires and hose I built a ring up on the seat (under the side coaming) so that rain water on the seat will not flow down the hole.

The wheel was cut out of 1 inch ply with a scroll saw and shaped with a router

Boat on a Harbour Freight trailer

Blind nuts epoxy covered in the bow to hold the bow tire halves

Bell with thin flexible piece of a cutting board used as a bumper

Fire monitor. The fire monitor is made of ABS drain pipe and sits on a post epoxied on to the fore deck. This arrangement guarantees that water can not enter the boat.

Motor steering arrangement. Because this motor is not dedicated exclusively to this boat I have not cobbled a throttle or shift arrangement.

Wheel and pilot house. The front legs of the pilot house were cut off after installation to give more room for human legs in the pilot house.