Tubby Tug / Willie and James Murphy / williemurphy@ls3p.com / 2/9/01: Started as father/son project June 1999 - Completed Oct 2000. Entered 11th Annual Wooden Boat Exhibit in Georgetown SC, 21 Oct 2000, winning People's Choice Award (Top honors out of 40 boats) Currently located in Charleston, SC, and will be on exhibit at Wooden Boat Appreciation Day in Charleston, 17 June 2001, and again at Wooden Boat Exhibit in Georgetown SC, 22 Oct 2001. Currently working on installing Motor, lights and CD player. We've had a blast working on this boat.

Subject: Tubby Tug
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001
From: Willie Murphy


Here are a few photos of Tubby.

We worked in our garage. Power tools included a small table saw, biscuit joiner, orbital sander, drills, scroll saw, hand planes. There were times when a drill press, joiner, and a few other such tools would have been very helpful, but we made do with jigs, we set up for the tools we had. I found that using a very sharp hand saw was much faster than the jig saw, for cutting most of the plywood pieces. We cut everything just a little full, and trimmed with a small plane. I was very impressed with the full sized patterns and how well everything fit together.

Hull was made with marine grade plywood, and we used C & better fir (hand selected clear stock) for all the solid wood components. We used West Systems epoxy and glass cloth for joints. Hull is primed and painted with Interlux, Brightside Polyurethane "Sea Green" and trimmed in "Grand Banks Beige". The cabin started as beige, but the green looked much better with the beige interior. We used clear spar varnish on all the wooden trim.