Subject: Squirt / Scott Floyd / Finally launched boat
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:17:27 -0400
From: Floyd, Scott (Greenville)

I am going to send you 5 pictures...
Some of the details: I did stretch the length but only a few inches. I managed to get a SeaDoo with a locked up engine for free, took the gas tank out and installed it in the front of the Squirt. You can see the gas filler cap in some of the pictures. This gives me about 6 gallons if I need it and distributes the weight up front. The steering is "screw type" with the cable and rod setup. As you can see in one of the pictures, I had to push it up through the top of the transom. The paint was intended to be temporary so it is just regular laytex outdoor house paint. I intend to re-glass it and have it professionally painted over the winter. I also have plans to install 2 jet-ski engines into the back if the weight permits. I figure 2 340cc engines ought to do fine. With a bad prop, 2 persons (about 300lbs), around 6 gallons of gas and a motor that has not been tuned properly, it will run around 30mph. I have no doubt that with the right tuning, I could get it to around 40mph or faster.

My biggest problem seems to be getting the prop in the water far enough. With the motor as far down as it will go, I still get a lot of spray from the fin above the prop. Looks like the next move is to put some planes on the back.