JAMES COOK-PW / Noel Grant / 9-20-99: Using western red cedar in four layers, I am at the third layer. 6-25-00: I am on the final layer of planking. Each plank I fit is position is for the last time and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. 12-15-00: I have finished planking and I am now looking forward to the next stage of the project.

11 Sep 2005

Hi Gayle,
Just updating my project and some photos. I must tell you how pleased I am with the plans and the way that everything is working out for me. I had never built a boat before the James Cook and often wondered if I was taking on too much but as the project progresses it is clear that all the information I need is there in the plans, Thank You.

Moving the James Cook

I have taken the hull out of work shop and attached it to the keel and all went to plan. All inside bulkheads are installed and the cabin sides and top are fitted and fibreglassed. I am putting on the shear caps and hope the have the hatches and portlights fitted before the winter. Thank You for all your help in the past.

Setting the James Cook onto the keel

The day has finally arrived and my "James Cook" was launched. All went well with the launch on 3rd May 2008 with great support from my family and friends. The boat was well admired by many. I am sending some photos but we have yet to do some proper sea trials, and will send on more information when we have.

Thanks to all at Glen-L for all the support over the years.