Subject: Pee Wee update
Date: 9/13/02

Here are photos of my mostly completed Pee Wee. I installed the dash just 4" from the forward frame to allow me to get my weight well forward to aid the boat getting on plane. For the same reason, I placed the steering far to the right so that I can belly up to the dash if need be. I have to lean forward over the dash to remain on plane when coming out of a turn in choppy water. For a rider with less than my 195 lb. or with a motor bigger than my 6 hp, it wouldn't be necessary.

I altered the transom to accommodate a long shaft motor and enlarged the fins proportionally. The cable steering drum was of my own construction, welded and mounted between the forward frame and dash. The remote throttle and shift mechanism were purchased from eBay and I cobbled together bits to attach them to the motor.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Leo Weisman

Note: We do not recommend using long shaft motors on the Pee Wee as it moves the center of gravity up. This may not be a problem with small motors, but could be a problem in a turn with more power. brw