Subject: Jimbo aluminum
Date: 3-13-03

I would like to let Glen L know that I have built and completed the Jimbo in aluminium at the end of Aug. 2002. Here are some pictures and also how the boat performs. The plans were straight forward and easy to follow. I used steel angle iron for the jig, wood was too light because the whole boat is made from 3/16 plate. I also changed the stern a bit by eliminating the motor well and adding a c drive to the transom. The over all length is 18'. I use the Jimbo out on the west coast of Vancouver Is, British Columbia Canada. I been out in 15' to 20' rollers with a 2' to 3' wind chop on top and the boat carves great and is very dry. Power is 60 hp Yamaha top speed is 35 mph on the GPS. comfortable cruising speed is 20 to 25 mph. I get alot of complements on the boat and it turns alot of heads. Great boat and design.
Regards Ken Blackburn