Subject: Tunnel Mite as built by Steve Powers
Date: 4-10-03

Dear Glen-L and Associates,

I purchased a set of your Tunnel Mite plans as a weekend project. I'm including several pictures that show progress for the Glen-L photo archives. As a first time boat builder, I found the plans very descriptive and easy to follow. I took extra care in assembling the seems of the bottom so there is no fiberglass used just marine grade fillers and sealers to make the bottom impervious to water. Only a few modifications to the original plans such as slightly higher coamings which results in a higher dash for the steering wheel and "triangular" blocks to re-enforced the transom. I used a 25 hp Tohatsu which is plenty of power and just slightly over your 100 pound weight suggestion. Speeds in the upper 30's with an aluminum stock propeller. I suspect 4 to 6 mph faster with a higher pitched SS propeller. The boat rides a little "shifty" from side to side at slow speeds but smoothes out and really begins to lift at top speeds. Handles very well in light chop water. This boat was fun to build and a blast to drive. Got "White knuckles"?

Steve Powers
Aliso Viejo, CA