Update Hunky-Dory project

Background on my project: Before starting the Hunky-Dory I read several books on boatbuilding, Glen-L's "Boatbuilding With Plywood", "Backyard Boatbuilding" by George Buehler and a stack of other publications and plan catalogs. With this expert info it became apparent that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to build a boat.

#1 Southern Yellow Pine was used for the frames, battens, chines and sheers. The lumber was purchased in 24', 26' lengths as 2" and planed to 1 1/4 to hold down the weight. SYP 1/2" plywood was used for planking. 3/4" AA fir was used for the transom and stem. All frame members were encapsulated before assembly as was the planking. Silicon bronze screws and ring nails were used. Epoxy was used for encapsulation, gluing and to apply 8oz cloth to glass the hull. The next step was to paint the hull before turning it over. I was almost ready to spend $200 to buy marine paint when Boatbuilder magazine Mar/Apr 1999 came with an article about paint by Dave Carnell (retired Dupont engineer). "Acrylic latex paint for boats" stated his experience and research on acrylic latex paint and using the best grade of acrylic latex paint on his boats. This article convinced me latex paint at $18 bucks a gallon beat marine paint at $80+ a gallon.