I had always wanted to build a boat. I figured with the help, company and enthusiasm of my 2 sons (Ryan 8 & Jack 5) I, or should I say we, could do it. We looked for months for just the right boat and fell in love with the Squirt at our first glimpse. So we ordered the plans and started our planning. We spent many hours just talking about the Squirt. It was great.

After receiving phone calls at work for days from the boys telling me that the UPS truck did not stop at our home, our materials finally arrived. We started the Squirt in September and had hopes of being on the water for the first Saturday of May which is the Opening Day of Yachting Season on Lake Washington. But between school, sports and the hours spent just looking at and talking about the Squirt and how it would perform we had to settle for Memorial Day.

Following are pictures of our Squirt in action. With a 9.9HP Johnson on her and both boys along for the ride she tops out at 25MPH and is able to pull kids on a tube. Next summer we'll try skiing behind her. What a great boat. We had a fantastic time building, talking about, dreaming of and using our Squirt this summer. Just as we will for many more to come I'm sure. My younger son is already asking when we will be starting his Squirt. I guess that's next winter's project.... I can't wait.