Boat Building class ADSS 1977

11 Nov 2003

Hi Barry here are some pictures for you, the shop picture is from our boat building class in 1977. We used Glen-L plans that year, you can see the Tornado in white and the Stilleto in the foreground, which I later bought from my class mate and put a 460 Ford engine with a jet drive.

Dave's 10' Tunnel boat almost finished at ADSS 1978

Dave's Tunnel Boat made in School 1978

The finished picture of my Tunnel Mite is at the lake where we lived. As you can imagine, I could not wait until I took it home... "It Floats!". I wanted the Tunnel Mite to look like the bigger tunnels so I designed the top deck to look like them, building and designing the boat gave me an "A". The canopy is made from 1/8" Mahogany. I wet the wood and bent it over the frames, the front I used canvas over frames and fared out with light filler.

Thanks! Dave Boxrud
Vancouver Island, Canada