Barrelback by Ron Hoag

14 December 2007

The attached pictures are from the start of the project to the present. I will send more pictures as I progress. I am now 2 months into the project and spent about 3 to 4 hours a day, to date 191 hours.

I am retired and made a deal with my wife to do household chores in the morning and the boat project in the afternoon. It is working!

Ron Hoag

This is the start of the project, the plans on the wall and the pile of Mahogany on the basement floor. The wood was a bargain. I found a local plywood company with older prices on the bins, about 1/3 less than other companies. I bought as much as possible.

I transferred the drawings to plywood and found that using different colors made the plans easy to follow.

Magically the frames are done..yea, with lots of work.....but fun!

This is when I got my first goose bumps, It's a boat...almost

I was busy, very busy..and when I stopped and looked at the boat, it looked like a wood clamp salesman had visited me.

It came to me in a dream, iron on the sheer clamps. Well, use a steam iron to help in bending the wood. The day before I tried to bend the sheer clamp and it broke... I didn't say much... only one word.

The form worked well. The steam iron was a great help I spend about 30 minutes on each sheer and slowly advanced the clamps to make the bend. I made the form out of plywood and the angle was taken from a much more flexible piece of wood. I made a template of that angle and cut the plywood to that size. Above the plywood form, you can see the sheer clamp that I made with this and had installed it.