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GLEN-L Update
  • Our "new" new shopping cart is up. The links from pages outside of the shopping cart could not be added until the cart was "live". So we have been scrambling to get everything up. We will be modifying the "Boat Plans" section to include additional information, to eliminate the intermediate page with "Characteristics" and links to photos and bill of materials. The Inboard Hardware" section will have more information about parts, added from our old catalog. All of this is on-going and if you watch closely, you should notice new features weekly for the next few months. We appreciate your patience and hope you find the new catalog to be an improvement.
  • Frame Kits: We have received a lot of comments about Allyn Perry's retirement and the fact that we will no longer make Frame Kits. Some of the Frame Kits are no longer listed in the Online Store. If not listed in the Store, they are no longer available. At present Allyn is making Zip Frame Kits; next will be TNT, then...? How many more are done will depend on factors outside our control.
  • Harold, our "cartoon" character has asked for someone other than myself to provide captions under his picture. I suppose he's right, I'm not really very funny. I know from letters and postings on the Boatbuilder Connection that there are a lot of clever readers out there. If you would like to submit a caption, please make the subject of your email, "Attn: Harold".
  • Glass Bottom Boat update: With the activation of the new shopping cart, everything else has been on hold. The plans, patterns and instructions have been proofed. I have to correct and format the instructions... then I think they'll be ready, hopefully by the next WebLetter.
  • We thank Larry Grable, Mike Darby, Ron & Devy Porter, Bob Ellison, ArtDeco, Capt Patrick McCrary and all of those who have contributed to this WebLetter.


Allyn Perry

I was saddened and joyful at the announcement of Allyn Perry's pending retirement. Saddened at the loss to Glen-L and customers, yet joyful for him and his wife for their future move and retirement in Colorado.

Many Glen-L followers and customers have never met the staff, and therefore don't see the "family" atmosphere that dates back to the '50s. I personally have been associated with Glen-L since the early sixties and have never visited the facility until meeting Allyn, even though I have lived within 50 miles all my life.

My unique encounter happened nearly 3 years ago as I was traveling from Lake Powell, Utah, to California after a vacation. Preparing to depart from a motel in Mesquite Nevada, a man and his wife pull up alongside my classic 1962 Glen-L boat and say "is that an Audeen or a Mist Miss? "Audeen", I answered, "how would you know that", I asked; "I work for Glen-L in the wood shop" was his answer. Well, a man that has built the kits for Glen-L for... and I forget how many years he answered but a long time, should know. He just couldn't tell if the length was the Audeen or the longer Mist Miss.

Allyn proceeded to tell me that my boat was in amazing shape for being so old and that I should write an article for the Web Letter that Glen-L puts out. He also invited me to visit the facility in Bellflower, CA sometime. So, planned a visit later in the year and was given a tour of the woodworking department and offices with Allyn as my personal guide. He demonstrated pride and knowledge of what wood boatbuilding was all about. It was a joy to finally see the birthplace of the boat that I have enjoyed for over 40 years. Later, I finished my Web Article that was the feature in WebLetter #52, December 2003. My thanks go to Allyn for the inspiration to write the article. It was a blessing to many, especially the two men that built the boat in the early 60's.

It was my pleasure to meet Allyn and staff and I agree, he will be missed for his loyal and conscientious contributions for so many years. My personal best wishes go out to Allyn and his wife, a job well done, an act hard to follow.

Larry Grable, Mission Viejo, California

The Hustler: Refurbishing Dad's Thunderbolt

by Mike Darby

The Hustler was purchased back in 1986 from Al and Nick of Nanaimo, BC. They built or commissioned the boat in August of 1965. Bill Jones, my grandfather, bought the boat to help teach the grandchildren how to ski and heck, it's a great looking boat.

My dad, Jim Darby, "stored" the boat until about 1996 when he purchased a 1996 Malibu Response. Up until then, my brothers and I grew up on this boat learning how to ski and had lots of fun every summer. We would often take the boat to various lakes in lower British Columbia including: Allouette, Cultus, Wiser, Shuswap, and of course, most of its life was spent on Osoyoos Lake.


Cruisette: Builders' Diary, Part 3

Ron & Devy Porter

Sheeting the hull

Days 12 and 13 ( Jan 11, 2006): There are still some parts of the frame to install, but not until after we get the sides sheeted in. So let's get going!

Well, I spent all day Saturday fairing (shaping to an effective and pleasing form) the port chine logs and sheer clamp. And then Devy and I got busy cutting plywood sheets!

This was not nearly as difficult as I expected. Devy held the plywood sheets in place while I adjusted their positions and set clamps. We drew a few lines along the chine and cut to shape. These panels had no curves sharp enough to prevent the use of our circular saw, so zip! and they're done. Well, almost. Some trimming will happen as we put things into their final position and some trimming will be done after everything is permanently fastened.


Tubby Tug: A father and son project

by Bob Ellison

Tubby Tug by Bob Ellison I found it very helpful to see how others built their boats when I was planning mine. So I thought I would pass along a few pictures of my recently completed tug ‘Hoser’, in hope that it will help others.

Building a boat with your son is a fabulous thing to do, and this project was just the right size. When we take her out on the road or on the lake we get a lot of attention, people pass us very slowly and wave and smile as they do. It seems everyone loves a tug boat. My son learned a lot building this boat, as did I. It probably will not be our last boat.


Photos sent in since the last WebLetter...

Tuffy Malahini Bingo Tubby Tug Airboat TNT Minuet Rowme BoJest Bonanza Audeen Bo Jest Malahini Sherwood Queen

I had a request to write a poem about boat building tools. I struggled with the idea of multiple tools for awhile and finally decided to concentrate on just one tool at a time. That's how I came up with this one:

A Salute to Cordless Drills

A boat builder uses a variety of tools
To cut, fit and attach that board
But the tool that I appreciate most
Is an electric drill without a cord

They come in sizes big and small
Gauged by the power that drives one
Ranging from 9.6 to 24 volts
They do the job and then some

Many companies make these drills
Which shows their popularity
Remember their power is DC
So you need to observe polarity

Makita, Hitachi or Porter-Cable
Milwaukee is my default
Panasonic, Skill or Black and Decker
Another good choice is De-Walt

Whatever brand and model you choose
They all make life so much breezier
No need to work your arm to rubber
Screw driving has never been easier

In the days before these tools existed
I made a zillion holes annually
With corded drill or brace and bit
But I placed each screw in manually

Each and every time I drove a screw
I needed some new motivation
Because my hands were sore and forearms too
From thousands of screw rotations

But cordless drills have fixed all that
Now I’m thinking both longer and larger
I’m ready to start on that new boat
That is, if I can find my battery charger


Harold the boatbuilder

You know, I wish some of you out there would give me something to say. Barry is not very good at it and my words always come at the last minute... I find that hard to deal with. If you have anything pithy, wise, humorous or insightful you would like to send in, I would appreciate it. The old boy tries, but he really isn't very funny. ...Harold

Shop Talk: Basic Boat Window Installation

Basic Boat Window Installation by Capt Patrick McCrary. This was taken from the website, a site dedicated to the Bertram 31... "Arguably the most famous modern boat design ever built".

Recent email:

Subject: RE: Glen-L Order
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006

Dear Gayle
The Drum Cable Kit order 1507 arrived today. I must say I am very pleased with the quality of it. Thank you for good service, nice to do business with you.
regards, bill

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006

name: John Pfouts
Comments: I built a Glen L 14 in 1976. It needs some repairs after 30 years, but has given me many hours of enjoyment.

Subject: ROWME / Russ Heagle
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006

We got our boat wet today. Here are a couple pictures of my son Brandyn with the Rowme at Lake Ballinger, which is about a mile from the house. Since we plan on using it quite a bit for fishing in the local lakes, I didn't take as much time and care with the finish as I should have. I painted the deck with latex exterior paint with non skid sand, and I plan to paint the bottom with the same color latex exterior paint for two reasons: 1. to protect it from UV, and 2. I will try to go back and sand out some of the major runs and drips in the epoxy in the remainder of the boat and coat it with clear varnish for UV protection. I also have some construction photos I could scan and email (I didn't get a digital camera til the boat was done). Only problem encountered today, was no fish.

Subject: New Site Design
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006

To all at Glen-L,

Wow! Nice change in the site. Much easier to navigate and it just looks cleaner. Excellent work.
I got my plans for the Mist Miss today with the Boatbuilding with Plywood book. Nice book. I was expecting a paperback. I am so glad it is a hard back book.

Pete McWade

The following information was submitted on the Glen-L Boat Plans, Kits & Supplies web site:
Your Name: - Sue Hilton
Comments: - Can you tell me please what it would cost to ship the deluxe Wood Parts Kit for the Sea Kayak to Anchorage, Alaska? I'm glad for Allyn Perry, but I'm horrified that you will no longer carry frame kits and wood parts kits, etc. Thanks for your time... Sue

No need to be horrified. Frame Kits are really a small part of our business, most builders use plans and patterns....

Subject: Question about frame kits
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006

Hi, I read on your website that the main guy that makes frames is retiring and that you all will no longer be making/selling frame kits after your current stock is sold. Uh-oh. Does that mean that you all will not be supporting the future efforts of people that buy remaining stock of frame kits? Are you all going out of business? Will you just be a website that sells plans? I guess I am a bit worried. I have been considering buying a frame kit for a Zip runabout, but would be counting on being able to phone in with questions when I run into trouble. I know that the website includes a lot of info from past customers and their questions, but I am still worried about the problems that I might run into in this next year???.... Any help with my questions? Thank you in advance.
Nick Vanmatre
San Diego, CA

Hold on! We are not going out of business! The frame kit portion of our business ia a very small part, in fact, one of the least profitable. If it weren't for the fact that Allyn did so many other things around here, we would have discontinued them long ago. Most folks build our boats without a frame kit. Support will continue as it has and hopefully improve as we always try to provide better service. Don't worry, we are still going to be here. Gayle

Subject: Frame Kits
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006

I just read the latest newsletter and see that Allyn Perry will be retiring. I also read that he is the one that makes frame kits for your boats. You say you do not intend to provide frame kits after he retires and your stock is gone. With that information is there anyway to learn what he does and provide that service after he is gone. I am sure you will have many folks willing to take that role. Granted none will be Allyn Perry but to loose your frame kits seems to me a loss in business. That to me is why you have stayed in business while all the others vanished. Mind you I have still never even built a boat but I have repaired a Ski Tow and I am about to restore an old Miss Mist that needs it's bottom replaced. The remaining structure is sound. A kit is what makes your boats so appealing to first time builders and builders who have done many. I'd say don't lose that valuable part of your business. I'd really hate to see it go the way the others have. Even if I am not part of your company could someone (with permission) build the frame kits for you so your customers won't be required to do that. I don't see that it would be that hard but it could scare off prospective buyers and builders new to boat building. Your boats are sooooo nice and ride the water very well. That is personal experience with the Ski Tow.

Thanks for reading this.
Peter McWade

Subject: Frame kits and retirements
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006

Hello, It's great to see someone retire. But, I do not agree with Glen-l not building frame kits. I do have the skills to help your company. If not me, I am sure that there are others. You have a great product! Please keep it going! Burl Hanchett

Thank you for your input about our frame kits. We do not have a high volume of frame kits sold, even though they are a great value at the price we sell them for. From a profitability standpoint, we just cannot continue this portion of the business if we have to train someone new. Thank you for your kind comments.

Subject: Frame kits
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006

I was just going over the latest newsletter. Did I read correctly.... There will soon be no more frame kits?? I built the frames for my Tornado and it is really just takes more time.
Thank You,
Pat Riley
Cedarville, MI

Subject: Allyn's retirement
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006

Glen L, With Allyn’s retirement coming soon, (lucky guy) and halting production of frame kits, will you be publishing a list of available kits still in stock? I am thinking of building the Tiny Mite and am wondering how long this kit would still be in stock. Any idea? How popular a boat is this one?
Don Gilliland

Subject: Don Lepack
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006

Just wanted to let you know that Don Lepack has moved on to build your boats for his maker. Don was a good friend, I think he even built your boats in his sleep.
Renfrew Canada

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