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The WebLetter was our on-line newsletter before we made the Boatbuilder Blog available. Please follow our blog, and we also encourage you to make your own blog posts on it.

We have archived all of our old WebLetters, and you can browse them by clicking on the links below or you can look up individual subjects in the Index of Articles.

Index of articles

WebLetter 128
June/July 2011
Memories That Last a Lifetime, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Riding Out a Kentucky Lake Storm, Designer's Notebook: Packing Glands, Why Build a Boat, Shop Talk: Boatbuilding Happiness, Recent eMail, NOT a Good Plan
WebLetter 127
April/May 2011
Eleven Years of Fun, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, TLAP Day, Designer's Notebook:...a leaking shaft gland...AGAIN!, Yahoo, Shop Talk: Tips from Glen-L Boatbuilders, Recent eMail, Top 10 Pirate Pickup Lines
WebLetter 126
February/March 2011
An Excellent Father/Son Experience, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Bob Brown's Belle Isle Build, Designer's Notebook: Stitch Wires Revisited, In the Harbour, Shop Talk: C-Clamp Pads/Scrapers/Vac Noise, Recent eMail, Fishing Tale
WebLetter 125
January 2011
What Made You Do It?, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, I Fell in Love, Designer's Notebook: Carvel Planking, In Memoriam, Recent eMail, Do You Need Attention?
WebLetter 124
December 2010
Building the True Grit, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Lt. Dawson's Ski Tow, Designer's Notebook: When Are Butt Blocks Installed, That "Ole" Evinrude, Waterless Boat Parade Shines, Shop Talk: Savvy Storage Tips, Recent eMail, A Nauga Story
WebLetter 123
November 2010
Dreams Realized, Boats on a Lake, My Tubby Tug Build, Designer's Notebook: Strengthen Your Bottom?, Sale-ing, Build a Boat in a Week, Shop Talk: Savy Storage for Small Stuff, Recent eMail, The Captain's Parrot
WebLetter 122
August 2010
Midlife Crisis?, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Bob and Billy's Mini-Gathering, Designer's Notebook: Rudders for Inboards, Noah Had a Plan, Glen-L Walk-in Customer of the Month, Shop Talk: Evening Caulk Lines & Marking Dark Wood, Recent eMail, The Boatbuilder and His Lover
WebLetter 121
July 2010
"Like Sugar", Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Building the Glen-L Zip, Designer's Notebook: THINK before you fiberglass..., Oars (the long and short of it), A $10 - 10 Minute Steam Box, Shop Talk: Cheap Insurance and More..., Recent eMail, A Fish Story
WebLetter 120
May 2010
Priceless Memories, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Life in My Floating Home, Designer's Notebook: Drilling the Shaft Hole for an Inboard - Part II, Rain, Skipper's Checklist for Road & Ramp,
Shop Talk: Three Clever Clamp Racks,
Recent eMail, A Guy Brings his Boat...
WebLetter 119
March 2010
Beware of Hitch-Hikers, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Building the True Grit, Designer's Notebook: Drilling the Shaft Hole for an Inboard, The Mussels are Coming The Mussels are Coming, West Coast Redenzvous of Glen-L Boatbuilders, Shop Talk: Rip Sandpaper with Precision, Recent eMail, Tool Usage Dictionary
WebLetter 118
January 2010
Fitting Oars to the Boat, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, A ZIP-Builder's Diary, Designer's Notebook: a belated "THANKS", A New Outboard, Inboard Propeller Installation Procedures,
Shop Talk: Useful Racks,
Recent eMail
WebLetter 117
8 November 2009
2009 Glen-L Gathering of Boatbuilders, Glen-L Boatbuilders of the Month, 2009 Gathering Photo Album, Designer's Notebook: ...a Solution to All Your Boatbuilding Problems?, The Cat and the Sailboat, Shop Talk: Organizing, Recent eMail, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 116
14 September 2009
Glen-L in Ireland, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Dear Gayle, Designer's Notebook: Heroes are Made...Not Born!, The Runabout, Why Do Cats Hate Water?, Shop Talk: Saddle Square & Push Block, Recent eMail, How to Load a Boat onto a Pickup Truck
WebLetter 115
10 August 2009
The First "Stitch and Glue" Boat in the World, Glen-L Barbuilder of the Month, Featured Design: Bull's-Eye, Designer's Notebook: ...about Sheet Plywood, How Do You Make a Bar..?, Shop Talk: Clamps & Pencils, Recent eMail, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 114
8 July 2009
Even More Boat Names, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Featured Design: Bingo, Designer's Notebook: Don't Waste Epoxy, Launch Day, Son of a Gun, Shop Talk: Rolling Tool Tower, Recent eMail
WebLetter 113
10 June 2009
Another First-Time Boatbuilder Shares, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Designer's Notebook: The Art of Scrounging, The Door to the Head, Shop Talk: Truing a Square, Recent eMail
WebLetter 112
06 May 2009
A First-Time Boatbuilder Shares, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Designer's Notebook: Stem Caps, Spring, Pennies, Shop Talk: Rule Guide & Band Saw Shelf, Recent eMail, King Arthur's Dilemma
WebLetter 111
06 April 2009
In Memory of My Mother, Mr. Schott's Superb Sea Trip, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Response to the "Tool Junkie", Designer's Notebook: Does Your Transom Droop?, The Haulout, Glen-L Walk-in Customer of the Month, Shop Talk: Impact Drivers vs. Driver Drills, Recent eMail, What Kind of Bait?
WebLetter 110
09 March 2009
Things To-Do with 15 Minutes, Glen-L Boatbuilders of the Month, Featured Design: Cracker Box, Designer's Notebook: Confessions of a Tool Junkie, My Boating Background, Shop Talk: Planing Plywood & Storing Small Stuff, Recent eMail, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 109
09 February 2009
2008's Top Boat Names, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month,
Featured Design: Bandido, Designer's Notebook: Make Your Own Hardware,
Anchors, Shop Talk: Clever Tips, Recent eMail, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 108
09 January 2009
Indigenora, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Designer's Notebook: Air-Cooled Motors, January, Shop Talk: Sander Stand, Recent eMail, Cartoon of the Month
WebLetter 107
01 December 2008
It Just Keeps Getting Better & Better, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month,
Everglade Camper Build, Designer's Notebook: Lumber Splices & Laminates,
The Boat Parade of Lights, Scarf Joint Techniques, Shop Talk: The Perfect Sandwich, Recent eMail, Bob and Dave's Excellent Adventure
WebLetter 106
01 November 2008
Good Times in 2008, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, 100 Skills Every Man Should Know, Designer's Notebook: Yankees and Epoxy, Thanks for the Plans, Shop Talk: 7 Tips for Clean Plywood Cuts, Recent eMail, When Pumpkins Drink...
WebLetter 105
06 October 2008
Gathering 2008 - Last Call!, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, The Shipleys Visit Glen-L, Designer's Notebook: Battens, Propellers, Basic Boating Knots, Shop Talk: A Few Clever Tips, Recent eMail, Cartoon of the Month
WebLetter 104
01 September 2008
Boatbuilder Gathering 2008 Almost Here!, Advice to an Offshore First-Timer, Designer's Notebook: When are Butt Blocks Best Installed?, Vintage Outboard Motors, Presidential Candidates at the Helm, Shop Talk: More Handy Tips, Recent eMail, EMail of the Month
WebLetter 103
01 August 2008
Report from Mystic Seaport, Featured Design: Dragonfly, Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month, Designer's Notebook: Who's an "Idiot?", Ahab, Why Do Dogs Love Boats?, Shop Talk: Some Handy Tips, Recent email, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 102
01 July 2008
Independence Day, Two to Nashville, Boatbuilder of the Month, Designer's Notebook: So You Want to be a Boat Designer?, Boat Plans, Seasick Solutions, Shop Talk: Is it Time to Get a Fresh Edge?, Recent eMail, EMail of the Month
WebLetter 101
29 May 2008
Featured Design: Glen-L 25, Deceptive Destroyer, Replacing Sacrificial Anodes, Designer's Notebook: Why Not Bung Your Screw Heads?, Calendar, Power Boat Power, Shop Talk: Using Wood Plugs, Recent eMail, eMail of the Month
WebLetter 100
30 April 2008
It's Ketch as Ketch Can, How to Anchor Anywhere, Designer's Notebook: Center of Buoyancy, Calendar, Bilge Pumps, One Engine or Two?, Shop Talk: The Kick-switch & Money-Saving Tip, Innovative Products, Teacher's Day, Recent eMail
WebLetter 99
27 March 2008
Tee Shirt Contest Winner, Building the Glen-L Series 1700 Trailer, Viking Ships: The Drakkar, Tech Talk: Clinker Planking, Luxury Yacht Diving Competition, That Old Boat, Calculating Maximum Boat Capacity, Shop Talk: Applying Finishes Over Epoxy Coated Surfaces, Age Is A State of Mind(?), Recent eMail
WebLetter 98
28 February 2008
Time to Say Goodbye, Available Frame Kits, Owner-built Boats Wanted, Where Does Most of the Money Go?, Glen-L "Bucks", Fallacies about Wood, A Pirate's Tale, Recent eMail
WebLetter 97
30 January 2008
New addition to the team, Building experience (Wee Hunk), Building Tunnel Mite, Feedback: Pot Luck, Last Trout, Recent eMail
WebLetter 96 (20 December 07)
Great Adventure, Tubby Tug @ West Marine, Gathering Photos, The Wife and the Boat Building, Building Zip, Recent eMail
WebLetter 95 (3 December 07)
Successful Gathering, Gathering Photo Album, Yes we have no 12mm, Offset rudder, Recent eMail
WebLetter 94 (31 October 07)
Gathering report, Feedback: Monaco/Squirt, Building Zip, Glenwood boats, Marine toilets, Capacity plate links, Recent email
WebLetter 93 (25 September 07)
Feedback: Union Jack/Row Me/Squirt, Building Bo-Jest/Tunnel Mite, Glen-L 12 the beginning, Dog days of boatbuilding, Getting Started (Zip), Recent email
WebLetter 92 (21 August 07)
Feedback: MiniMaxed/TNT, Barrelback 19, My Dad's Thunderbolt, Limbers, Ke-Pau, Recent email
WebLetter 91 (31 July 07)
Building Whitehall, Feedback: Sculling Skiff, Memories: Elbert Witt, Row row your boat, Tahoe Get-around, Scarfing Plywood, Recent email
WebLetter 90 (27 June 07)
The Gathering, Building Malahini, Arrowhead Boat Show, The building form, Building Biscayne 22, Building Riviera, Recent email
WebLetter 89 (24 May 07)
An invitation, Feedback: Biscayne/Pee Wee/TNT/Zip, Notching logitudinals, Terms of Endearment, Small boat electrical system, Recent email
WebLetter 88 (19 April 07)
Feedback: Tahoe 19/Tahoe 23/Barrelback/Geronimo, Designs of Ken Hankinson, Battleship Missouri, Recent email
WebLetter 87 (20 March 07)
Feedback: Fife/Monaco, Console Skiff: If I can do it you can, Changing stock plans, Snow & boat building, How to Build 20 Boats, The Falls of Clyde, Shop talk, Recent email
WebLetter 86 (12 February 07)
Feedback: Squirt, Stamps, Build your own Jet Boat, Started as Cracker Box, Living Aboard, PT 728, Fairing jig, Recent email
WebLetter 85 (23 January 07)
Feature: Rebel, Do you really want to go fast?, Archives, Stormy Seas, Family Email, Outboard motor control, Feedback: Little Hunk, Recent email
WebLetter 84 (8 December 06)
State of Gathering, Then & Now, Can you Canoe, Feedback: Modified Squirt, Recent email
WebLetter 83 (17 November 06)
Guntersville report, Archives: Lord Nelson, Seen on the Net, From the Forum, Boating in the Fall, My wife won't let me build a boat, Recent email
WebLetter 82 (25 October 06)
Feedback: Cracker Box, Bull's Eye, TNT; The Box; Gathering; Fiberglass sheathing; Recent email
WebLetter 81 (25 September 06)
Macke 14 - Upper Mississippi River, Building the Alpha 2, Cruisette: Builders' Diary-Part 5, Feedback: TNT, Stripper, Tango, Classic Mahogany Runabout, Recent email
WebLetter 80 (25 August 06)
Console Skiff, Imp, Afloat at last, Inflation?, My Epoxy Won't Cure, Calendar 9-06, Shop Talk: Bass Boat notes, Recent email
WebLetter 79 (7 July 06)
Teleseminar follow-up, Building a dream, Calendar, Double Eagle, Addicted to boatbuilding, Console Skiff construction, Frame Kit templates, Shop Talk: Fairing Board, Marine Plywood, Recent email
WebLetter 78 (26 May 06)
Glass Bottom boat, New affiliate, Cruisette Builder's Diary, Starpath 44 by James Logan, Recent Photos, Where's the Boat, Questionnaire Results, Shop Talk: Fairing Board, Marine Plywood, Recent email
WebLetter 77 (28 April 06)
Allyn Perry, Refurbishing the Thunderbolt, Cruisette Builder's Diary, Recent Photos, Building Tubby Tug, Salute to cordless drills, Shop Talk: Window installation, Recent email
WebLetter 76 (31 March 06)
Allyn Perry, Building Console Skiff, Cruisette Builder's Diary, Recent Photos, Naming a Boat, Building Renegade Part 2, Sumer is icumen, Shop Talk Misc, Recent email
WebLetter 75 (20 February 06)
Feature: Fancy Free, Repainting Therapy, Building KidYaks-2, Winter Boatbuilding, Cruisette-Diary, Exhaust Systems, Saucy Shingle, Recent email
WebLetter 74 (24 January 06)
Wish you had, Epoxy: Unusual uses, Plans cost, Sugar Jack update, Boatbuilding poem, Future boat builders, Recent email
WebLetter 73 (12 December 05)
Voyage of the Kobuk, Feedback: Glen-L 14, A DIY Company, Moderating Forum, Mahogany, Recent email
WebLetter 72 (21 November 05)
Feedback: Eight ball/Tango, Gloomy Saturday, Journal of the Molly B, Did you ever make a mistake, History of Budlight, Automobile motors to marine, Recent email
WebLetter 71 (18 October 05)
Macke 13-Upper Missouri River, Feedback: Glen-L 15/Kidyak/Sweet Caroline/River Rat/Power Skiff 14/Two Plus, Grits, Building Renegade, Recent email
WebLetter 70 (9 September 05)
Macke 12- Tennessee River, Deadman throttle, Gentry photos, Online Inboard Hardware catalog, Feedback: TNT/KePau/Zip, Recent email
WebLetter 69 (22 July 05)
Why I must build a boat, Feedback: Sherwood Queen/Glen-L 25/Geronimo/Sweet Caroline/DynoJet/Tiny Might, Lumber cuts, Tuffy Tug, Marine Plywood, Recent email
WebLetter 68 (10 June 05)
Online Store, New folding boat, C-Flex, Feedback: Console Skiff/Geronimo, Building a Squirt with jet, Building the Squirt part 1, Rocking boat, Recent email
WebLetter 67 (22 April 05)
Feature: Trawlers 1, Feedback: Hercules, Yukon, Roustabout, Knot in a hurry, Ken Hankinson, Launch of Erica, Recent email
WebLetter 66 (18 March 05)
Why I must build a boat, Old Guys: Andy Anderson, Bass Boat, Jimbo - a conversation, Bridge hopping, Recent email
WebLetter 65 (18 February 05)
Macke 11- Intracoastal Waterway Near New Orleans, Installing Teleflex in Squirt, Fiberglass materials, Feedback: Carioca, Rampage, Recent email
WebLetter 64 (14 January 05)
Feature: Stiletto, Mirage-Drive, Building or fishing, Poplar, Feedback: Sculling Skiff, Poxy-Shield: Work time, Recent email
WebLetter 63 (10 December 04)
Ke-Pau paddlewheeler, Trends, Behind the 8 Ball, Feedback: Squirt/V-Dory/TNT, Veneering transom, Recent email
WebLetter 62 (22 October 04)
Boat building Woods, Macke 10- South of St. Louis to Nashville, Feedback: Malahini/Squirt, Building form, Recent launchings, Recent email
WebLetter 61 (17 September 04)
Featured design: Delta Q/Gypsy/Quest, Feedback: Amp Eater/Console Skiff, Steam box, Recent launchings, Recent email
WebLetter 60 (13 August 04)
GPS, Macke 9-Therapy on the Kentucky River, Fastenings, Wooden windshield, Feedback: Dyno-Jet/Sea angler, Recent email
WebLetter 59 (1 July 04)
Featured design: V-Drive boats, Riviera Frame Kit, Inboard Hardware: V-Drives, Feedback: Tornado/Monaco, Scarfing with a Router, Recent email
WebLetter 58 (11 June 04)
Featured design: Sherwood Queen, Riviera Frame Kit, CS 20 update, Feedback: Two Plus/Power Skiff 14, Porpoising, Working with patterns, Recent email
WebLetter 57 (14 May 04)
Featured design: Double Eagle, CS 20 update, Feedback: Zip, Vacuum bagging, Gelcoat, Squirt with a jet, Recent email
WebLetter 56 (9 April 04)
Macke 8-Alabama River - Montgomery to Pensacola, Featured design: Sissy Do/IMP, Feedback: Kodiak/Gentry/Pot Luck, 3.0 Chevy-Velvet Drive, Marinizing an engine, Turning Bo-Jest, Recent email
WebLetter 55 (12 March 04)
Featured design: Glen-L 13, About buttocks/ waterlines/ diagonals, Old boatbuilder: Ray Moran, Squirt with jet, Flotation, Recent email
WebLetter 54 (13 February 04)
Featured design: V-Dory, Feedback: V-Dory/ Sneak Box/ Flying Saucer/ Tiny Titan, Fiberglassing trailing edge, Wood: Proper names, Metric, Recent email
WebLetter 53 (10 January 04)
Featured design: Missile, Evolution of V-drive hull, Chine/bottom junction, What glue?, Feedback: Rampage/V-Gull aluminum/Squirt, What propeller?, Turning the hull, Recent email
WebLetter 52 (4 December 03)
Featured design: Audeen, Spraying 2 part polyurethane, Cold-molded history, Legend of the Lake, Recent email
WebLetter 51 (30 October 03)
Boat repair: dents & dings, Fairing tools, Feedback: Squirt/Sissy Do/Bo-Jest/Honker/Sliding seat, Construction of Glen-L 12, Recent email
WebLetter 50 (26 September 03)
Jetski powered boats, Boat repair & refinish, Bigger is better?, Console Skiff, Feedback: Tiny Titan, Lord Nelson, Painting, Turning Francis Drake, Launch: Wild Thing, Recent email
WebLetter 49 (22 August 03)
New Frame Kits, Gentry is here, TV Star, Feedback: Rebel, Installing a wakeboard pylon, Fitting the chine, Building Hobbiton (Carioca), Console Skiff web site, Old guys: E.L. Anderson, Odds & Ends, Feedback: Squirt, Console Skiff dolly, Recent email
WebLetter 48 (18 July 03)
Tuffy: 1st Love, Making a swim platform, About fiberglass, Using patterns, Feedback: Airboat, Strut bearings, Recent email
WebLetter 47 (6 June 03)
What do I need to start?, Building Tubby Tug, Console, Epoxy glue joints, Building form, BS 6566 Vs BS 1088, Squirt with jet, Feedback: Tornado/Fife, Frame Kits, Turning the hull, Recent email
WebLetter 46: The Email WebLetter (24 April 03)
Feedback: Tunnel Mite, Outrage, Emerald Coaster in FL Keys, Bills of Materials, Stuffing box packing, Odds & Ends, Lunatic Fringe, Recent email
WebLetter 45 (27 March 03)
Macke 7-Pickwick to Florida, Sheet plywood development, Struts, Glen-L 12, Modifying outboards to short shaft, Right topside paint, Shop pockets, Feedback: Alpha 2, Recent email
WebLetter 44 (27 February 03)
New boat?, Range-How far on a tank of gas?, Performance: Celerity, Making the shaft hole, Feedback: Zip/Cabin Skiff/Noyo Trawler, Shop storage, Wiring notes, Recent email
WebLetter 43 (30 January 03)
New Flats boat, Making a molded windshield, Floorboards-storage-interior design, Propeller shafts, USCG site, Epoxy applicators, Recent email
WebLetter 42 (19 December 02)
Season Greetings, Description of hull types, More about rudder and shaft stuffing boxes, Cam-driven water pumps
WebLetter 41 (21 November 02)
Introduction to Fairing, Skeg Vs Fin, Boat Doctor?, Feedback: 2 Tunnel Mites, Determining Hull Capacity, Building the Power Skiff, Feedback: Squirt, More Squirt, Recent email (MiniMaxed photos)
WebLetter 40 (16 October 02)
New Products, Feedback: Cabin Skiff, Transom angles, Shaft logs & stuffing boxes, Feedback: Squirt, Recent email (Honker construction photos)
WebLetter 39 (12 September 02)
Macke 6-MS River trip, Feedback: Jimbo, Trip to Catalina (Sea Knight), Restoring Sea Knight, More Sea Knight, Conventional plywood or Stitch and Glue, Delta King Update, Wood look, Recent email
WebLetter 38 (2 August 02)
Bottom repair, Inboard hardware: Rudders, Web sites, Can I lengthen... ?, Problem answer, Feedback: Bo-Jest, Recent email
WebLetter 37 (21 June 02)
Feedback: Celerity, Making improvements, Motorwell problem, Inboard hardware: Struts, Feedback: Yukon, Cabin Skiff update, Stitch and Glue notes, ABX?, Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders, Recent email
WebLetter 36 (16 May 02)
Scraping for finishing, Poxy-Shield working time, Macke 5-Chattanooga to Knoxville, Old Boat Club, Feedback: Kid-Yak/Power Skiff 14, Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders, Mat & Epoxy, Argosy notes, Shop talk, Questions, Recent email
WebLetter 35 (11 April 02)
Dream building, Centerboard notes, Frame construction, Power Skiff 14, Tools, Old Boat Club, Feedback: Argosy, Painting options, Recent email
WebLetter 34 (7 March 02)
Monte Carlo is here, Feedback: Quest/TNT with jet/Sea Knight/Zip/Utility, Laminating, Exposed drum steerer, Rudder cavitation, Escapade model, Fairing boards, Recent email
WebLetter 33 (24 January 02)
Macke 4-Cruising the Missouri River, Monte Carlo update, Epoxy, fillers and color matching, Using random-random stock, Recent Photos, Sanding Epoxy, Recent email
WebLetter 32 (29 November 01)
Stainless steel fasteners, Macke 3- Exploring the Green River, Fastening plywood to frames, Feedback: Renegade/Bandido, The Red Dart (L Dorado), Planing Tiny Titan, Recent email
WebLetter 31 (18 October 01)
Boatbuilding epoxy, Boatbuilding tools-3, Feedback: Tubby Tug, Self-draining cockpit, 4-Stroke outboard, Macke 2-Illinois/Mississippi Rivers, Shop talk: Building hints, How fast?, More models, Recent email
WebLetter 30 (13 September 01)
Feature boat: Ski Tow/Malahini, Boatbuilding Tools-2, Macke 1-Cruising the Tennessee River, Transom reinforcement, Alternative rub rail, On the drawing board, Feedback: Sherwood Queen, Recent email
WebLetter 29 (2 August 01)
Feature: Canoes & kayaks, Approximating displacement in canoes/kayaks, MiniMaxed is here, Airboat frame Kit, Boatbuilding Tools, Feedback: Union Jack, Glen-L discussion group, Recent email
WebLetter 28 (28 June 01)
Riviera engine compartment 2, Displacement/Simpson's rule, Feedback: XP8 and Pot Luck, Fan Club, Steermaster cables, Recent email
WebLetter 27 (24 May 01)
New design: Honker, Riviera engine compartment, Model making, Minimax, Double planking, Need to build a boat, Feedback: Jimbo, Recent email
WebLetter 26 (11 April 01)
New design: Party Boat, Building the Yukon-Part 2, Boat steering, Sanding, Feedback: Cabin Skiff, Eight Ball, Fife, Recent email
WebLetter 25 (7 March 01)
Center of Bouyancy, Feedback: Riviera, Sweet Caroline, Marauder, Kingpin, Tubby Tug, Recent email
WebLetter 24 (25 January 01)
Sculling Oar
Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 11 (end),
Hercules Stitch & Glue,
Old Boat Club, Feedback: Swish
Recent email
WebLetter 23 (7 Dec. 00)
Transfer paper, Southern CA Messabout,
Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 10,
Laytex paint for boats, Feedback: Kingpin,
Sweet Caroline Stitch & Glue, Feedback: Noyo, Recent email
WebLetter 22 (27 October 00)
Feedback: Flying Saucer, Class CD,
Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 9,
Feedback: Monaco, Hunky Dory,
Builders in the News,
Making fiberglass components,
Recent email
WebLetter 21 (15 September 00)
Converting a Briggs, Cabin Skiff report,
Monsoon: Turning the hull,
Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 8,
Links to on-line projects,
Feedback: TNT, Feedback: Bo-Jest,
Recent email
WebLetter 20 (3 August 00)
Pontoon vs Barge, Father & a Glen-L Rebel, Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 7,
Performance: Tunnel Mite, Boat Registration,
Shop talk: Centerboard Trunk, Recent email
WebLetter 19 (28 June 00)
Great Lakes Small Craft Symposium, Building the Glen-L 14, L Dorado, L Capitan Model, Rigging Small Sailboats-Chap 6, Feedback: Jack Tar, Port Townsend Summer Programs,
Recent email
WebLetter 18 (11 May 00)
New Tool Store, FREE Magazine,
On the drawing board: Pedal Boat,
Sliding seat plans, Rigging Small Boats-Chap 5,
Feedback: Renegade, Update: Thunderbolt,
Shop talk: Scarf Sled, Glen-L 30, Recent email
WebLetter 17 (7 April 00)
Dinky launch, Electric Videos,
Rigging Small Boats-Chapter 4,
PowerYak, Review: Canvasworker's Guide,
Feedback: Tubby Tug, Recent email
WebLetter 16 (15 February 00)
Model Making, Rigging Small Sailboats-Chapter 3, Feedback: Stiletto, Building the Tunnel King - Part 3, Hats & T-shirts, Shop Talk: Table Saw Jig,
Recent email
WebLetter 15 (17 Dec 99)
Feedback: Roustabout, New Sailboat pages, Book: "Rigging Small Sailboats" Chapters 1 & 2, Making a model, New books, Feedback: Power Skiff, Recent email
WebLetter 14 (22 Oct 99)
Feedback: Sweet Caroline, Missile on the web, More wood, Feedback: Bo-Jest, Dory man of Fiji, "The Dory Book", Marine plywood specifications, Recent email
WebLetter 13 (10 Sep 99)
Building the Tunnel King Part 2,
Drifter at Lava Falls, Squirts in MN,
Don Ruffa, Sailboat: Care of sails,
Boat Building in Skopelos, Recent email
WebLetter 12 (6 August 99)
Inboard shaft angle & layout,
Sailboat: Weather helm, Feedack: Utility,
Howard I. Chapelle, Recent email
WebLetter 11 (25 June 99)
Virgin Boatbuilder- Part 3,
True or false?, Glen-L test models,
4 new books, Recent email
WebLetter 10 (7 May 99)
Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, Building the Thunderbolt, When to encapsulate, Builder feedback: Sea Kayak, Recent email
WebLetter 9 (18 Mar 99)
Old boat club: Thunderbolt, Virgin Boatbuilder- Part 2, Builder feedback: Riviera, Book review: How to Fiberglass Boats, Recent email
WebLetter 8 (30 Jan 99)
Feedback: Topper, Building the Tunnel King, New on the drawing board, Invictus and the Pacific, Book: Inboard Motor Installations,
Letter: Kid-Row, Recent email
WebLetter 7 (December 98)
New Inboard Hardware catalog, Mr. Pearsall's Boatbuilders, Steam Engine you can make, Plywood Boatbuilding for Virgin Builders-Part 1, JIMBO at last, Book: Boatbuilding with Plywood, Recent email
WebLetter 6 (Sep 98)
Feedback: PEE WEE, Feature: JIMBO,
More Plywood, Notes on Power Skiff,
Feedback: TNT, POXY-SHIELD: Bubbles
WebLetter 5 (July 98)
Feedback: TNT, Featured boat: Glen-L 10,
Joining plywood, Alfredo Rodriquez,
A Kick-up rudder, Epoxy Q & A,
Oar length
WebLetter 4 (June 98)
Feedback: Cabin Skiff, Windshields,
What do I need to build a boat (Tuffy),
Old boats: Missile, Featured boat: Amp Eater,
Poxy-Shield: Filling
WebLetter 3 (March 98)
Gayle Brantuk, Klondike/Polynesia,
Letter: Audeen, Drawing vs Designing,
New McDrift, Poxy-Shield: Working time,
Vee-Drive, Inboard hardware description
WebLetter 2 (January 98)
Boat Report: Cracker Box, Boatbuilding under fire, Planing vs Displacement boats, Lumber and Plywood long pieces, Allyn Perry, Scant plywood, Feature boat: Fife
WebLetter 1 (August 97)
Performance Report: Gypsy, Darla Schooler,
Fiberglassing a planing boat, Steamboat Jim,
Whitehall notes, Plywood facts

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